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Based on our health guarantee, our puppies come with a health history is given at time of sale. The puppies are usually vaccinated against Feline Rhinotracheitis & Calci Virus, Pneumonitis and Rabies. Before sending our puppies to the buyer, it is is usually vet-checked and given its first series of the Distemper shots. Although It is up to the buyer to choose whether or not to vaccinate additionally with the FeLV vaccine after when a puppies is received, however this is not recommended except approved by a licensed vet technician. Our puppies is guaranteed FeLV & FIV free at the time of purchase. As a result of using these precautionary measures, there has never been any clinical evidence of common puppies diseases as certified by our exclusive veterinarian, Dr. Lincoln Peterson.


We cannot guarantee the disposition or temperament, conformation, size, weight, color, markings or breeding ability of your new puppies. No replacements will be given if the breeds that are known to be prone to illnesses, are over-weight. Failure to provide your puppie with timely medical attention or regular veterinary care will void this guarantee. This guarantee does not cover any costs associated with spaying or neutering.

We require all our puppies to undergo an extensive health check before they come home to you. This health check is performed by our vet, who is required to fill out our Veterinary Health Report. This report, created for us by a licensed veterinarian, is designed to examine the condition of every puppy for: Cardiovascular, Skin, Coat, Eyes, Mouth, Teeth, Gums, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Ears, Urogenital and Gastrointestinal.We require this report to be filled in close to the date of your puppy coming home to you so as to safeguard that your puppy health evaluation is a recent one. This report is then reviewed internally for any issues or concerns notated by our vet expert. We also require that you have your puppies examined by a licensed veterinarian within four days of receiving the puppies.



1. The puppy must be at least 8 weeks 4 days old.
2. Must be accompanied with a veterinarian Health/Acclimation Certificate
3. Some airlines have restrictions for temperature and will check destination and arrival flight temperature forecasts, Cost of Shipping via airline​

Be Rest and assured As: Online purchase is guaranteed with a legally binding sales contract and application. All payments are made only after signing the papers for a 100% guarantee for a safe transaction and healthy life of the puppy. The puppy will come with a 1 year genetic health guarantee against any illness/disease and a health certificate of travel that is required for a puppy to be able to fly.

Is it really safe for the puppy?
I receive many inquiries on the process of shipping a puppy–individuals often wonder if it is safe and how it works. Won’t he/she be scared? How long does it take? Won’t it be difficult for the puppy having to be all alone in a crate for so long? This is how I explain the shipping process to individuals to help them feel more at ease with the process of getting a puppy: Shipping a puppy Is Very safe: See Below Details Shipping a puppy by itself to a new location always sounds cruel and embarrassing, but actually I think it is harder for us than the puppy(s). With my many years of shipping experience, I know for a fact that all of the puppy are well taken care of. So if you stop and think about it, the airlines are not going to mistreat the puppy(s) for fear of lawsuit and customer dissatisfaction. I tape puppy(s) food and feeding instructions to the top of the crate and put frozen water in the crate, so it will gradually thaw out for the puppy(s) and the puppies are offered food along the ride.
The average flight is approximately 2 to 5 hours. I always ask about any delays or layovers and know the exact times and departures of the flights, so I know where the puppy is and am able to give you the information as well.